Erica Murray


About Erica Murray

Erica’s extensive Career began in the waters off the coast of Santa Barbara where she was lucky enough to assist Bob Evans, an acclaimed underwater photographer shooting for National Geographic, Skin Diver Magazine and National Wildlife Magazine. It was here that her passion for photography was first ignited and it is a flame that hasn’t been doused since.

She then spent a short time taking publicity photos in Santa Barbara before departing for the bright lights of New York. Her talents could now be honed on the challenging streets of this captivating city where she specialised in taking portraits of actors and actresses for which she won several awards. The rest of her time was spent working in the in-house studio for Macy’s, Lars Lonninge’s studio, Jamie Phillips studio, and Leif Schiller’s studio.

Erica’s desire to pursue her travels and experience even more of what the world could offer eventually uprooted her again, bringing her to the shores of Australia. She fell in love with Sydney and has been based here ever since.